Recipe #2: Hasty Pudding served with Maple Syrup

Me and my not so hasty pudding!

Me and my not so hasty pudding!

Hi again!  This week I will be making Hasty Pudding with maple syrup.

Before I write the recipe I would like to quote  from the Little House cook book:

“But for supper Grandma made Hasty Pudding.

She stood by  the stove, sifting  the yellow corn meal from her fingers into a kettle of boiling , salted water. She stirred  the water all the time with a big wooden spoon, and sifted in the meal until the kettle was full of a thick , yellow, bubbling mass. Then she set it on the back of  the stove where it would cook slowly…..

Then Uncle George came with a smaller bucket of syrup, and everybody ate the hot hasty pudding with maple syrup for supper.”

Now the recipe – For our family we used:

salt, 1 teaspoon

cornmeal, 2 cup stoneground yellow

8 cups water

Maple syrup

I simply did what grandma Ingalls did, boiled 8 cups of salt water in a big saucepan. Then, at the same time as stirring,  I sifted the corn meal through my fingers  until it was all added. We left it to cook (on a low heat) for an hour stirring every 10 minutes to prevent burning. Serve in bowls with maple syrup.  MMMMMMMM!

Hasty (but actually very slow) pudding

Hasty (but actually very slow) pudding