Dyeing Cloth with Natural Dye

Mummy and I dyed some old ripped and stained white (ish) aprons using coffee granules as a natural dye.  First mummy boiled up some water with a heap of coffee granules until the liquid was a dark brown.  She then turned off the cooker.  I placed the material in the water and gave it a stir:


We turned the cooker back on low and left it to simmer for an hour of so.  After, we hung it on the line to dry.  We were both surprised by how light the colour was:


However, as we are going to be making rag dolls from the material, it really turned out to be the perfect colour!


Making Haysticks with Daddy

Daddy and I made some hay sticks together to use when the wood runs out, to burn on the fire.

We used raffia instead of straw.  We took a bunch of raffia and whilst daddy held one end I twisted and twisted.


Then Daddy had a turn.  We twisted the raffia until it twisted back on itself.  T11 is helping me  hold it strong whist Daddy twists.


These are called hay sticks.

DSC_0705We made a few!

Making Ornamental Button Lamps

B2 and I made some button lamps this week. Ma made these to burn when oil was scarce.  This is what we did:

Mummy had cut some squares of cloth and gathered some buttons and raffia

Mummy had cut some squares of cloth and gathered some buttons and raffia

We had to place a button in the middle of the square of fabric

We had to place a button in the middle of the square of fabric

Wrap the fabric around the button

Wrap the fabric around the button and tie it into place using the raffia

And here are the button lamps

And here are the button lamps

I really enjoyed doing these with my sister!

Cooking with Mummy: Prairie Pancakes

Me and my sister, B2

Me and my sister, B2

B2 and I helped mummy make some prairie pancakes.  I remember when we read the Little House in the Big Woods that Ma made Laura and her sisters some pancake men.  I would have liked mummy to have done this, but I think she was a little preoccupied having two little people frying pancakes with her.  She forgot to take any pictures of me either.  She did get a couple of pictures of the pancakes we made, just before they were devoured.

This was the recipe we used (from the Little House Cook Book):

1/2 tsp of baking Soda

2 cups flour

1/2 tsp salt

2 cups buttermilk

1 egg (well beaten)

We mixed everything in a bowl.  We heated some oil and fried small ladles-full.  Mummy was also frying bacon and egg to go with it.  Once the pancake was done on one side we flipped them over and cooked the other side.  We ate them with an egg (not from our chickens) and some bacon.  We were allowed to pour some maple syrup over everything and it was yummy.



The next day T11 used the left over batter and made some sweet pancakes for desert.  He stewed some blackberries and served them with the pancakes with yogurt and maple syrup:

Sweet pancakes

Sweet pancakes

We had lots of fun in the kitchen with our mummy!