Little House Plans Week 8

Our Plans this Week

Read Aloud each day.

Watch an episode on DVD each day.

General Little House Plans

We will be watering the plants, helping them to grow big and strong!

We will be doing a major tidy up around the area.

We will be setting up an area outside for the laundry to be done, with a washing line and the like.

You will notice that many of the projects following are projects we have set ourselves to do in prior weeks, but for some reason or other were not completed.  This week we will be completing all those little jobs, as well as looking at how laundry was done in Laura’s time.

Mr Ingalls

T11 will be making a lantern for the Little House.  This will be a fully workable one and will be useful particularly in the winter, when it gets quite dark in there.

Gary decided that we would buy in a broom, because the children really need one that works well, as it gets muddy really quickly inside the house.

As we are concentrating on the laundry this week, T11 will be making a hook system outside to store the laundry supplies, as well as hanging a washing line to dry the clothes.

Mrs Ingalls and Mary

Both girls will be finishing the patchwork cushion for the rocking chair.

They will also be working hard at the rag rug so we might actually finish in time!

Our big activity this week, however, will be using old fashioned equipment to wash some clothes.  And the girls can’t wait!

I will be helping the girls to turn our homemade grated soap into some pretty pink heart shaped hand soap.  If we remember, L10 has been making her own scent from flower petals, which we may use to scent the soap and we will use natural dyes to give it it’s pink tinge.

Laura and Carrie

A4 will be continuing with her reading using the McGuffey’s primer.

B2 will be reading with me the Little House ABC and 123 books.

They will be making some button necklaces to finish off their dressing up Prairie outfits.

The little girls will also be having a turn at doing the laundry!

This weeks posting plans are as follows:

Monday: T11 will post about his lantern

Tuesday:  A4 with some help from mummy will post about her button necklace

Wednesday: L10 will post about making, scenting and colouring the hand soap

Thursday: C10 will be posting about making a rag rug

Friday: House progress

Saturday: Plans for week nine, our penultimate week!


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