Plans for week 7

Our Plans this Week

Read Aloud each day.

Watch an episode on DVD each day.

General Little House Plans

We will be watering the plants, helping them to grow big and strong!

I will be making the second pair of curtains to go downstairs.

We will be planning how to make a sink unit, so that our little ladies can do some washing up in their Little House.

Mr Ingalls

T11 will be making a lantern for the Little House.  This will be a fully workable one and will be useful particularly in the winter, when it gets quite dark in there.

He will also be making a broom from branches and sticks, attaching them together using the knots he learnt earlier in the project.

In addition, for a quick and easy project he will be making a butter press out of odds and ends we have lying about the house.  Obviously, this will be a toy and won’t be workable, but I think it will look kind of cool in the house.

Mrs Ingalls and Mary

C10 will embroider her tea towels which she made last week

L10 will be making the cod balls she didn’t get round to last week.

Both girls will be finishing the patchwork cushion for the rocking chair, and will be putting the final touches to their dress up, which they are excited to be finally wearing!

Laura and Carrie

A4 will be continuing with her reading using the McGuffey’s primer.

B2 will be reading with me the Little House ABC and 123 books.

They will be making some button necklaces to finish off their dressing up Prairie outfits.

The little girls and I will be hosting a tea party in our Little House, with everyone in dress up.

This weeks posting plans are as follows:

It is going to depend on who finishes what first, but A4 will be telling you about her button necklace; C10 will be writing about her tea towels; L10 her cod balls and T11 will write about whichever project he completes first.


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