Making Home Made Butter

Making home made butter took a lot longer than I anticipated.  Here is how we made it:

  1. Clean a jar thoroughly
  2. Put a small marble in the jar
  3. Pour some cream into the jar
  4. Start shaking the jar:DSC_0938
  5. Keep shaking until the cream first starts to thicken:DSC_0940And then starts to separate:DSC_0944

6. Meanwhile someone else needs to grind some sea salt in a pestle and mortar to flavour the resulting butter

7. When the butter is a lump in the jar and is covered with buttermilk, drain it.  We used our cheese cloth, making sure to get as much liquid out as possible:DSC_0945

8. Mix some salt into the butter, but not too much

Whilst I’m not sure I would want to spend this much time making our butter, it was much, much tastier than the shop bought!


6 thoughts on “Making Home Made Butter

  1. We’ve never tried making butter – but I’ve heard all that shaking can make your arms sore! Can you imagine having to make it in large quantities, to feed a family?! It is nice to be able to share the work of shaking it between siblings 🙂

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