Jam Making with Home Grown Produce

Me and my jam (oh, and my sister!)

Me and my jam (oh, and my sister!)

Over the last few months I have been collecting raspberries and freezing them so I can make jam.  To make the jam I simply boiled the raspberries with a little bit of water.  Then I added sugar and pectin to help the jam set.  After about half an hour of the mixture bubbling away I tested it using the finger test method – I put a teaspoon of jam onto a cold plate, let it cool and  then pushed it with my finger.  Once it wrinkled up with a skin, we knew it was ready.  I kept testing until I obtained the wrinkling.  I transferred it into our jam jar and let it cool.

After it was cooled we had some on prairie bread and home made butter.  It was so good!



8 thoughts on “Jam Making with Home Grown Produce

  1. Homemade raspberry jam is the best! It must feel so gratifying knowing you grew those raspberries as well! This post has me craving some for breakfast 🙂 Well done!

  2. Brilliant T! Do you know what weight of raspberries you had? I especially admire your restraint in freezing the rasps instead of just eating them. We have one or two most days now but they never get anywhere near the freezer. Yum yum

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