Plans for week 6

Our Plans this Week

Read Aloud each day.

Watch an episode on DVD each day.

General Little House Plans

We will be watering the plants, helping them to grow big and strong!

I will be making the second pair of curtains to go downstairs.  We only have five more weeks and I want the girls to be experiencing as many different skills as possible.  They have experience of simple curtain making having made the upstairs curtains, so I decided I would do the downstairs.

We intend to bring in our children’s table and chairs from our home.

We will be figuring out how to fit in the stove.

Mr Ingalls

T10 will be finishing the stove

He will also be making some jam from his own raspberries and helping his sisters to make butter from cream.

Mrs Ingalls and Mary

With their siblings, they will be making their very own butter.

C10 will be making some prairie bread.  We will time this to coincide with freshly made jam and butter!  C10 also plans to make another dish cloth and a tea towel

L10 will be making Ma Ingall’s tablecloth to go over the little table we our putting in our Little House.  She is also planning to make some cod balls

Both girls are going to try their hands at making a simple patchwork cushion for the rocking chair

Laura and Carrie

A4 will be continuing with her reading using the McGuffey’s primer.

Both girls will be making some laundry balls and washing up balls out of grated soap we made from scratch as a family some time ago.  It is soft, grated and without any scent.  In Laura’s time they would have used these to sud the water with and wash dishes and their clothes.  We will be learning about this in a few weeks, so we are doing these now to give the balls some time to dry out.

A4 will be trying out some cloth dying using coffee granules as a natural dye.  We will be using the cloth to make a couple of (very basic) rag dolls for the girls to play with in our Little House.

B2 will be reading with me the Little House ABC and 123 books.

I also intend to make some bread which I will give the little two girls some to play with and make their own little shaped loaves.

We have all been working on putting together some little house dress up.  As usual they are a mish mash of home made, bought in and second hand.  I really didn’t want to spend any money on this project, but when I saw dress up bonnets for £2.39 a piece, I decided to spend the money rather than sew them myself.  My aim is to be finished with the dress up this week or at the latest next week.

This weeks posting plans are as follows:

Monday: A4 will post about her experience dyeing cloth the natural way using coffee granules as a natural dye

Tuesday: T11 will post about making jam from his very own raspberries he has been picking and freezing for the past few weeks

Wednesday:  C10 will post about our success (or failure) with the butter.

Thursday: L10 will post her recipe of cod balls

Friday: House progress

Saturday: Plans for week five


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