Sharpening my axe and chopping the wood

I have my own small axe which I use to chop the kindling for our log burning stove in our real house.  I am in charge of the kindling and enjoy chopping it.  I have wanted to use Daddy’s axe for a while now, and this summer seemed a good opportunity to try, with Daddy’s guidance.  First he taught me to sharpen it.  I used an axe stone in a forward and across motion, using controlled strokes:

Daddy demonstrating

Daddy demonstrating

Me attempting to sharpen my own small axe myself

Me attempting to sharpen my own small axe myself

Then how to chop the wood into smaller pieces:



I then stacked it beside the Little House for the winter.


8 thoughts on “Sharpening my axe and chopping the wood

  1. I think it is great that you have learned how to sharpen your own axe and how to chop wood. My boys don’t know how to do that. I am going to have to teach them how to sharpen their woodcaving knife soon. I think that the Little House is going to look so cute with the wood stacked there. Do you have any trouble with bugs getting into the stacked wood and then into the wood of the house? We have to watch for that here in the US.

  2. You’re learning sooooo many grown up things Thomas. Our boys all loved doing things like that. SOME weren’t so keen on things like ‘dishes’ though. So I’m told anyway! But then they had only one sister. xx

  3. My boys are eagerly looking forward to when they are old enough to do this. Right now they are still too young, at 8 years old. Maybe someday they can work on cutting kindling, not that there’s much call for fires here in Texas.

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