Plans for week 4

Our Plans this Week

Read Aloud each day.

Watch an episode on DVD each day.

General Little House Plans

We will be watering the plants, helping them to grow big and strong!

We will be bringing in our rocking chair from the house, which someone from church kindly gave us. (It has an area on it which is broken)

We will hopefully also paint the floor, if the weather is cooler.

Mr Ingalls

T10 will be learning from Daddy how to sharpen an axe

Using his newly sharpened axe he will chop some wood, under Daddy’s watchful eye, to stack outside our Little House for the long cold winter!

He will stain the rocking chair and discuss with daddy the best way to mend it (one of his activities for the week after)

Mrs Ingalls and Mary

Both L10 and C10 will begin to make some baskets

They will make a wall hanging from painted wood to hang inside the Little House

C10 will be attempting to making some yogurt again this week, if she is successful she will use the yogurt to make some soft cheese

L10 will be making a blueberry pie from the Little House cook book and she will also make some standard bread to go with C10’s cheese

Laura and Carrie

A4 will be continuing with her reading using the McGuffey’s primer.

Both girls will be using some lolly sticks to make some plant labels for their kitchen garden

B2 has suddenly shown an interest in counting and is now able to count up to 10 (although not very, very reliably!).  I have a Little House ABC and 123 book which I will be focussing on with her.

This weeks posting plans are as follows:

Monday:L10 will post her blueberry pie recipe

Tuesday:  T11 will post about sharpening his axe and chopping wood

Wednesday:   C10 will post about making yogurt and cheese

Thursday: A4 with some help from mummy will post about making plant labels

Friday: House progress

Saturday: Plans for week five


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