Little House Progress Week 3

Our Little House before we had started:

And now, three weeks later:



8 thoughts on “Little House Progress Week 3

  1. Hello everyone! I have been really busy all week and haven’t even read my e.mails until tonight, and I see you all have been busy too. Well done to you girls for persevering with your hand sewing. I can remember wanting to sew with the machine when I was young and my 2 older sisters were allowed to use it, but I was ‘too wee’. It’s always hard to wait for something, but to continue doing what you’re doing in the meantime, and doing it with patience, shows Godly character. That delights me. Everyone else is doing great too. Thomas’s description of how he made the net nearly fried my brain, but he obviously did a GREAT job. The two wee ones seem to be having great fun being creative. Tell me does B2 cry much these days? I reckon she’s too busy to have the time. Grandad is very impressed with the whole thing, though I don’t think the ladder would be allowed on a building site. He he. Good thing he’s not your foreman! Love and blessings to you all. Talk to you soon. xxxxxxx

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