Making a Net

This week I made a net, using the knot making skills I had learnt in the last couple of weeks.  I decided to turn the net into a small hammock for a bed for a rag doll for baby Carrie.

First, I tied a piece of string between two chairs, then using the Prusik knot I attached 10 pieces of string to the horizontal string knotted to the chair:

The Prusik knot

The Prusik knot

Each vertical string was a double string.  In order to make the net I took one string form the first row and one from the second and using the overhand knot I joined them together.  I continued in this way until I had used up all the vertical strings.  Each knot had two strings coming out from it.  Then I began another row using one string from one knot and another from the knot next door.  I did this for approximately 10 rows:

Using the overhand knot

Using the overhand knot

After the net was as big as I needed it, I took it down from the chairs and fastened the ends using an extra length of string:

My net hammock

My net hammock

Here is a photo showing my knots close up:


It has been good to learn these skills


12 thoughts on “Making a Net

  1. Wow! I am impressed, as I am with all your “creations”. Devon and you would get along so well. You seem to be of a similar mindset.
    Devon’s grandma

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