Making a pair of Curtains

Making curtains is pretty simple.  You need  material, pins, measuring tape, a needle and thread.  We made a basic pair of curtains to hang at the upstairs window.  The material we chose was blue checked, although T11 wanted a red check and I would have preferred a brown check.  Mummy thought the blue material would be the best material as we already had so much brown (paint) inside the house.

L10 helped make the curtains, in fact we made one each.  This is what we did:

1. Measure  your windows.  We used a measuring tape and measured the height and width of the upstairs window.

2. We added a few inches onto each measurement to allow for drop,  seams, hems and also the tab at the top.  We used these measurements to cut two pieces of material.   Each piece would make one curtain.

3.  We double folded each side seam and pinned it in place.

Pinned seam

Pinned seam

4.  Then we loosely tacked each seam in place, to hold it secure whilst we did the running stitches.



5.  The running stitch needs to be small and even but not too tight.

6.   Once we got the seam done, we undid the tacking.

7.  The top tab was made by double folding the top over enough for the intended pole to go through.  This was pinned, tacked and sewn

8.  Lastly mummy taught us a hemming stitch.  Neither L10 or I liked this and found it difficult to do.  Hopefully it will get easier with practice.

The reverse and front side of our pair of curtains

The reverse and front side of our pair of curtains


12 thoughts on “Making a pair of Curtains

  1. Your curtain looks very professional! Thank you so much for sharing how you made it. You have inspired my daughter to make curtains for our playhouse so we have been eagerly anticipating this post! Lucinda

  2. I like the colour of your brown paint. Can you open and close the glass windows? I like how you re-did your playhouse.

  3. Your playhouse looks really nice. I used to have a playhouse. I like the colour of your curtains. Will you have a ladder inside the playhouse?

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