Knitting a Dish Cloth

I`ve chosen to make a dish cloth this week.  I already know how to knit and mummy had bought me some 100% cotton to knit with a while ago.  Although none of us remember Laura or her family knitting a dish cloth, we thought it would make a lovely colourful addition to our Little House (it ‘s orange!).  It is made of real cotton wool and will hang from a hook in the house.  I put 32 stitches on the needle and using knit stitch, made a square dish cloth:

Almost finished dish cloth

Almost finished dish cloth

This dish cloth will be used by L10 (Mrs Ingalls) and me (Mary Ingalls) to clean the dishes, but first we will use it to cover our  sour dough starter for making a loaf of sour dough without dried yeast.  It is perfect for this because it is loosely knitted:

The finished product, on top of the sour dough starter

The finished product, on top of the sour dough starter


18 thoughts on “Knitting a Dish Cloth

  1. Oh, I wish you lived near us. Katie has tried to learn knitting from a book, but has been unable to learn it, and I don’t know anyone who knits to teach her. You are so fortunate to have such a talented mommy. I really love your dishcloth, even the lovely orange color. I am sure you will enjoy using it.

  2. I like your orange dish cloth. And I was learning how to knit. I hope your sour dough bread turned out nice. I’m excited to hear from you if you will sleep in the playhouse.


  3. Oh well done! I love knitting! It’s a very lovely hobby to have and the more stitches and techniques you learn, the more you will be able to make for yourself and your home one day! I love, love, love that vibrant orange! Such a happy colour! If you ever have any knitting questions I shall be more than happy to help!

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