Making a Ladder and a Peg Rail

My next project was to make a ladder so I could repair the roof of the little house.  I used some wood that we had left over from the pallets and any other wood I found around our garden.  Daddy helped me with this project.  I was not able to use the leather twine I had made because I didn’t have enough so I used rope instead.  The ladder will not be that high  but nevertheless high enough for me to reach the top window.  First we made the ladder frame by placing the horizontal  poles at an angle, with the two poles meeting at the top.  We lashed a longer rung at the bottom and a shorter rung at the top.  To lash the rungs to the poles I used  a diagonal  lashing.  When making the diagonal lashing I started with a timber hitch and wrapped the rope diagonally  around the  rung and the pole.   After making a full turn I started to go in the opposite direction.  I continued in this way until the rung was firmly attached.  I repeated the procedure on the other side, and then on the other rung:

Starting a hitch

Starting a hitch

I was a little nervous about it holding my weight, but my weight actually helped to stabilise the ladder, and the angle of the frame prevented the knots traveling down the frame:

Me standing on my ladder!

Me standing on my ladder!

The peg rail I did totally by myself .  I made this from door handles and wood from an old cot . Firstly I cut the wood to size and drilled holes with a 3.6 volts screwdriver and a 4.5 mm drill piece .  Next I screwed the handles in, then I dyed the whole thing brown with wood preservative.  I intend to screw it to the wall of the playhouse for the babies nighties to hang on:

My peg hooks

My peg hooks


18 thoughts on “Making a Ladder and a Peg Rail

  1. I know Devon would like to be right in there with you while you are rope tieing and climbing. You must realize, by now, that he loves to climb, even if it involves danger and hurt!! Don’t fall off your ladder. Visits to Emergency at the hospital are not fun. Keep on enjoying your summer of fun and adventure (and learning).
    Myra, Devon’s grandma

  2. Well done learning all the knots you needed for this. The fact that it held my weight is a true testimony to how well built it was.

  3. What a perfect ladder, it’s good to work alongside Daddy doing things together isn’t it? I used to like helping my Daddy too – mixing cement, not the heavy bit, just at the beginning with the light powdery stuff. Great that you did the pegs by yourself another perfect project completed.

  4. The ladder and peg rail both look great – it’s funny, I didn’t realize how much thought would need to be put into making a ladder, but of course slipping knots would not be good! I think we may use your instructions to make one for our tree house. And hat’s off for re-using materials found around the yard!

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