Plans for Week Two

Our Plans this Week

Read Aloud each day

Watch an episode on DVD each day

General Little House Plans

This week we will complete the basic house maintenance:

  • Gary and T11 will put the second pane of ‘glass’ in the bottom window
  • The stairs and banisters will be painted brown inside the house
  • The floor will also be given the wood treatment
  • The iron knocker will be painted black on the door.
  • The window planters will be reattached

Mr Ingalls

  • T11 will be making his ladder using scrap wood and his leather twine (or rope if he does not have enough leather), holding everything together using the knots he taught himself last week.
  • He will also make a wooden peg set of hooks to be nailed on the wall upstairs in the house to hang the little ones pillow case nighties.

Mrs Ingalls and Mary

  • Both girls will be cooking from the Little House Cook book, with L10 making a hasty pudding and C10 making fried pork and corn bread.
  • C10 will be knitting a dish cloth for washing up in the Little House.
  • L10, with some help from me, will be hand sewing a simple dressing up night-gown for B2 from a pillow case.  I have already made one for A4 as a test run!

Laura and Carrie

  • Last week I began A4 on McGuffey’s primer (the curriculum Laura would have used).  A simple learning to read curriculum.  It is phonical, repetitive and is working miracles with A4.  She loves it and is reading really well using it. Curriculum with bells and whistles, games and puzzles really didn’t suit her.  Take all that away and she can get on with the business of simply reading.  So happy!  She will be continuing with that this week.
  • Both girls will be helping me make a blackberry pie using a recipe from the Little House Cook book
  • Both girls will help me to make some decorative button lamps.  These are as a preliminary activity to making some proper button lamps to actually burn, later on in our unit study.

Incr-Edible Science

  • Learning how yeast works
  • Making a sour dough starter
  • Making a loaf of sour dough bread

We will all continue to rip up and plait fabric for our rag rug.

This weeks posting plans are as follows:

Monday: T11 will post about his ladder

Tuesday: L10 will post her recipe for hasty pudding

Wednesday: C10 will post her knitting project

Thursday: A4 with some help from mummy will post about her decorative button lamp

Friday: House progress

Saturday: Plans for week three


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