Making Twine and Rope from Leather & Learning Knots

My interest  this week was leather working.  We had some  leather from an old sofa that Mummy wanted cut up and kept for an occasion like this.  I made some twine by cutting the leather in a circle like this:

Here is a half cut twine from a circle of leather

Here is a half cut twine from a circle of leather

I also made some laces by cutting a rectangle of leather into thin strips:

Making leather strips

Making leather strips

With the twine I made some rope by plaiting it. I did this by tying three pieces of twine together and plaiting it how mothers plait their daughter’s hair. I had help from Mummy to do this:

Here is the rope I made with my lengths of twine

Here is the rope I made with my lengths of twine

I decided that before I would make the ladder I would learn to make a few different types of knots.  I made an impromptu dagger from pieces of wood from the garden.  I attached them together using the timber hitch to fasten the twine to the sticks and then used diagonal strapping to hold the two sticks firmly together.  These are the knots I will be using to make my ladder next week:

My dagger

My dagger

I will hopefully be using the rope I made for other projects from my SAS survival book.


25 thoughts on “Making Twine and Rope from Leather & Learning Knots

  1. Awesome! I also have a son called Thomas, who is 9, and I know he’ll be so inspired by your posts. You are paving the way for so many of us who have just started this wonderful homeschool journey…

  2. Very impressive! There were many skills the pioneers needed to survive in their adventures. The more skills the better your chances of survival. I am looking forward to reading about your ” Little House Adventures!”

  3. That looks like quite the work – I think that learning knots will always be useful and something our family should learn as well! We are looking forward to seeing your ladder.

  4. You have accomplished a lot. Your mom is very wise to save such things for these occasions. My father was a waterman and he used knots a lot. He tried to teach me many times to tie the various knots he used, but I was so bad at it. He was very patient and kept showing me, but I never did learn more than the most basic of knots. Whenever I see knot tying I think of my Dad and his patience and it is a good memory. You seem to have a wonderful start with learning such valuable skills.

  5. You look like you are having lots of fun. We look forward to reading about more of your adventures into prairie life 🙂

  6. You did such a great job T11! Those knots will come in handy throughout the whole of your life, I’ll bet!

  7. Hi there T11. It’s so interesting to hear about the skills you are acquiring in learning the knots. How useful that will be for, not only this project, but also throughout life.

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