Clearing & Painting the Little House

Our Little House

Our Little House

Acting as Mary Ingalls means I have  to do a lot of cleaning.  First I  helped  take the unwanted stuff  out of the little house; next I took all the carpets to the trailer for the skip (T11 had to unscrew the little house ladder so we could  get  the carpet up!) and afterwards we all did some dusting and  sweeping.  Here is the house empty and clean, ready to be painted:

Already it looks much better!

Already it looks much better!

I also helped whitewash the inside and it was hard work. But it was worth it because it`ll be great to  play  in and I’m hoping it will help teach me to keep  house.  Whilst  I white washed the inside, T11 painted the outside brown and A4 painted her planter the same brown, with a little help from mummy.  In fact, we all  got help from Mummy!!

Here are L10 and I painting away

Here are L10 and I painting away

We needed to make the bedroom  comfortable, which we did  by making a mattress . We used a ripped sheet and some sofa stuffing mummy had kept from an old sofa, although in the  1800`s they used straw.  We didn’t use straw because we were afraid we would get rats.  We will post a photo of our mattress once the house is finished.  We got rather  messy painting the little house but nevertheless had a lot of fun.

We didn’t quite finish the house the week.  We still have to treat the floor, the ladder and the upstairs framework before it is finished enough to start filling up.  We will post a photo of the house so far on Friday, hopefully you will all see the difference!


26 thoughts on “Clearing & Painting the Little House

  1. I can’t wait to see your little house when it is finished. You are inspiring me to do something similar with my kids!

  2. We would love to see more pictures of the inside, it looks wonderful! Will you be making the quilts yourself?

  3. Good job. The house looks really well. You will make a great wife and mother some day. Are you going to try out the house once it is finished?

  4. Was it very, very hard work cleaning the whole house? Will you make a bedstead for the mattress, like Pa did in the books?


  5. Oh my goodness, the house looks great! You’ve done so much work already – what a great start. The whitewashing looks great and I can’t wait to see the mattress.

  6. Wow! Your house is bigger than I thought. How do you feel about Mary having to do so much more than the others? Good job by the way!!

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